Sober Living/Group Homes

Welcome to the City of Laguna Hills Group Home Information Page! 

Sober Living Homes, a type of group home, have recently become a topic of interest to many citizens of Laguna Hills as well as City staff. Sober Living Homes are often located in single-family residences and are a cooperative living arrangement for people recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction supporting one another in their sobriety. The City is limited in its ability to regulate or restrict this type of use due to a complex set of State and Federal laws. However, since this type of use is not regulated or licensed by the State, the City is currently pursuing research and gathering information to identify options for reasonable regulations and accommodations that the City may be able to apply in order to ensure this type of use remains an available and safe option for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction while preventing or reducing negative secondary effects related to this type of use locating in single family neighborhoods. 

The City is committed to maintaining the high quality of life our residents enjoy and have come to expect. Below, you will find more information about group homes and meeting updates. If you have information to add to the discussion or would just like to be included on our contact list regarding this important subject, please click here and complete the feedback form.