Online Public Art Store

Public Art For Sale
The City has established an online public art store to offer the online sales of mural reproductions in the Council Chamber to the public, in the form of postcards, a poster and giclees. All proceeds from these sale of these items will be used to fund future public art projects throughout the City of Laguna Hills.

Robert Evans
The 3 Council Chamber murals were painted by Robert Evans, who lives today in the Sherborn, Massachusetts house where he grew up. As a young boy, Rob had a compulsion to draw; and by the time he went to college he says “Art”, by default or process of elimination, was the only thing that made sense to him. Rob earned a degree in visual studies and English at Dartmouth College, which helped turn him into a muralist. During his career, he has painted more than 50 murals depicting everything from Eocene and Pleistocene habitats to the life of George Washington for aquariums, museums, restaurants, schools, visitor centers and zoos. Most of his works portray historical life and can be found in museums and visitor centers throughout the country.