Commercial Food Waste Service

Commercial Food Waste Service Program
A restaurant, on average, disposes of more than 50 tons of organic waste every year. Californians overall throw away more than 5 million tons of food scraps each year. Every City in California is required to divert at least 50% of all its waste away from landfills, due to space constraints. By participating in the Commercial Food Waste Service Program, local businesses will reduce their trash disposal cost while helping the City maintain compliance with its recycling goals.

Approved CR&R's Proposal
In early April 2010, the City participated in a regional Food Waste Program, funded by an Orange County Waste and Recycle grant. The grant expired in November 2011. Consequently, on November 22, 2011 the City Council accepted and approved CR&R's proposal to continue the Commercial Food Waste Service Program by charging businesses that elect to use the service at a rate already established in the Franchise Agreement.

Since the inception of the regional program in March 2010, 1,881 tons of food waste have been collectively diverted from local landfills from the Cities that participate in the program. Within the City of Laguna Hills, it is estimated that 220 tons of food waste have been collected through participation in the program. The waste is used to create compost and other soil amendments and helps the City achieve its waste diversion goals. Read the Commercial Food Waste Service Brochure (PDF) for additional information about the program.