Recycling For Residents

Residential Recycling Programs

  • Contact CR&R's customer service department for specific information on the Residential Recycling Programs listed below:
    • Up to 2 additional Green waste carts at no charge for green waste and stable bedding and manure recycling
    • Up to 2 additional commingled (brown) recycling carts at no charge
    • Bag to Bag Recycling Program
    • Bulky Good Collection Service (2 free pick-ups per year; 4 items per pick-up)
    • E-waste (i.e. computers, TVs, monitors) Collection curbside pick-up service (free of charge) E-waste pick-ups do not count against Bulky Good pick-up and are unlimited per year
    • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Doorstep pickup of items like fluorescent light tubes, batteries, latex or water based paint, non empty aerosol cans, thermostats, etc. ( 2 free pick-ups per year). 
    • White Good Collection Service for items such as refrigerators, stove, washer, dryers
    • Stable Bedding and Manure Bin Collection Service
    • Holiday Greenery Collection Service