Water Wall

Water Wall design
Ancient Ice Age Stream
At the entryway of the Laguna Hills Community Center is a water wall representing the ancient Ice Age stream that flowed westward where Alicia Parkway stands today. The water wall mirrors the prehistoric topography with a treated water “river” feeding the waterfalls. It then becomes untreated water capable of supporting the plant materials in the water garden pool, which represents prehistoric marshes. Done in the style of ancient cave paintings, water flows from the wall into the pool above which a petroglyph has etched on it the animals that lived about 50,000 years ago in this area, including the:
  • Colombian mammoth
  • Dire wolf
  • Giant ground sloth
  • Long-extinct horses and camels
  • Saber toothed cats
John Iwerks
The water wall design was designed by artist John Iwerks, who also painted the three murals inside the Laguna Hills Community Center.