Andrew Blount

Born in 1973, Andrew Blount grew up in a single-wide trailer sitting on a garden where his mom grew and sold vegetables to help pay the family bills. Over the course of 5 years his parents built their home, stick by stick, next to the old trailer.

Computer Software
At age 6, Andrew taught himself how to write computer software. By age 8, knowing the value of hard work, he started his 1st computer software company creating and selling software by mail order for the Radio Shack TRS-80 color computer. He specialized in database applications, games and utilities. Over the next 9 years he expanded his practice to include legal, point-of-sale and communication software. At age 14, his "artificial intelligence" software was featured on the cover of the widely distributed Rainbow magazine.
Andrew Blount
In 1996 Andrew started a new software company in Southern California called In addition to specializing in commercial real estate software, Andrew worked as a strategic software consultant for some of the world's largest companies such as CB Richard Ellis and Fannie Mae. Andrew's software has been used to close thousands of commercial real estate transactions and facilitate the financing of over $20 billion worth of properties.

Portfolio & RealPage
In 2002 Andrew and his wife, Michelle Blount, developed an application called Portfolio designed to provide business intelligence for multi-family owners and managers. He sold that application to RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ:RP) in June of 2002. Andrew served as RealPage's Senior Vice President from 2002-2004 managing the development of yield management and portfolio management software. In 2005 Andrew restarted the business to create the widely used Realhound CRM software platform for commercial real estate professionals. He now serves as Chairman of Andrew has spoken at and keynoted numerous commercial real estate conferences including the annual Beverly Hills Apartments Conference, the National Apartment Association and the once famous PikeNet.

Developed Applications
From 2005 to today, Andrew has concentrated on developing applications beyond the commercial real estate industry.  In 2005 Andrew began development on an automated stock trading algorithm that predicts the daily direction of the S&P 500 using a proprietary pricing elasticity model he invented. The trading system was designed to constantly evaluate the stock market then place trades to capture both upward and downward price movement. In 2009 he invented a method for securing a person’s computer, electronic accounts and social media while they are going through a divorce.  In 2010 he developed software for automating Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for one of the most trafficked websites in the world. Also in 2010 he began development of a series of internet lead generation websites, including, designed to assist seniors searching for assisted living housing by providing them with comprehensive ratings and personal reviews.  In 2011 Andrew began development of a line of business management mobile apps and games, including Call List IQ, an app for sales people to constantly stay in touch with their key clients.

In 2012, Andrew launched the development of Skado, a 1st of its kind mobile application for managing a massive number of election volunteers. As a peer-to-peer, micro-contact system, Skado is poised to change the face of politics and how candidates are elected to office by disintermediating many traditional, costly steps and allowing candidates to share their message directly with potential voters. Featuring an easy to use, gamified interface, volunteers are given simple tasks of contacting people whom they may already have an existing relationship with or have something in common with utilizing messages that have been specifically worded to be meaningful to the person being contacted. Skado cuts through all of the mass marketing that a candidate would typically have to do and empowers them to communicate in a much more personal, targeted way to ensure the get-out-to-vote. Skado will be widely available beginning the 2014 election season.

All of Andrew’s development projects are part of a company called Realated, which he serves as the President and CEO of. In addition to developing proprietary software applications and mobile apps, Realated offers software development consulting and expert witness services. Andrew has testified in multiple cases pertaining to social media usage, computer security, email security, software design and intellectual property. Adding to his computer related qualifications, Andrew is also a Registered Investment Advisor and member of FINRA.

Family & Christmas Show
Andrew is married to his wife Michelle Blount and has 2 children, Ethan and Faith. Starting in 2009, the Blount family began a tradition of elaborately decorating their home for Christmas. While Andrew works on the outside, Michelle begins setting up the inside of their home each year in August. Visitors come from far and wide to watch the dancing light show of over 100,000 LED's and to tour Michelle's winter wonderland. Each person is greeted with a smile and a cup of warm apple cider. The Blount's home has been featured all over the Internet and on the cover of the Orange County Register.

Today, in addition to managing Realated, Andrew serves as a member of the Foundation Board of the Orange County High School of the Arts and is an active philanthropist of causes throughout Southern California. While the Blount family are avid travelers, focusing mainly on Mexico, Central America and Africa with an occasional European trip, Andrew loves Laguna Hills the most which is the city he chose to raise his family in and currently serves as a Laguna Hills City Council Member and Mayor.