Civic Center Public Art

The City’s Public Art Program includes 11 pieces of art placed throughout the Laguna Hill’s Civic Center. The City commissioned the original works of art under the master theme of early California history to provide a valuable cultural and educational resource at the Civic Center. Artwork includes life-size adobe busts of Juan Avila, Juan Forester, Jose Serrano, Lewis F. Moulton, Richard O’Neill, and Dwight Whiting, 3 landscape painted murals, layered pieces of iron and branding irons, and scenic large-scale murals visually depicting the Portola Expedition, a meeting during the Mexican/American War, and Native Americans working to build the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Each of these pieces of art visually represent the early history of the Laguna Hills area and adjacent interpretive panels provide background and reference material for the visitor.
  1. About the Artists

    Learn more about the 6 artists that captured the important images and ideas from this region's past.

  2. City Exhibits

    Find more about the butterfly sculpture, cultural arts, fossil exhibit, and Civic Center Public Art Program.

  3. Online Exhibits

    As part of the Public Art program, the City commissioned a number of art pieces depicting early California life in Laguna Hills and the Saddleback Valley.

  4. Online Public Art Store

    The City has established an online public art store to offer the online sales of mural reproductions in the Council Chamber to the public, in the form of postcards, a poster and giclees.

  5. Public Art Brochure (PDF)

    Look through an in-depth document on the various pieces throughout the Civic Center.

  6. School Curriculum

    Learn how you can integrate the City's Civic Center Public Art program in your classroom.